Introducing Cambria Lens, with a Focus on Organizational Coaching

Can coaching play an important role in helping your organization grapple with unprecedented change, volatility, and disruption that is standard in today’s business environment? The answer is yes from our vantage point – and more organizations are reaching the same conclusion.

Cambria set out to explore that question – and others – in the launch issue of a new publication called Cambria Lens. Specifically, we are looking to provide new perspectives on how organizations apply coaching to address important strategic and business goals.

Cambria Lens provides insights and examines best practices for how organizations are accelerating talent development in new and innovative ways.

Our focus on coaching features three articles that are both descriptive and prescriptive — including

How executive coaching can be linked to organizational strategy and specific steps for doing so effectively
How organizations can use coaching as an important lever for driving organizational change
How building internal coaching capacity– developing leaders as coaches – drives the benefits of coaching across the organization.

We invite you to download a complimentary copy of Cambria Lens

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