Developing Global Leaders Beyond Borders

It’s no secret that developing leaders for success in global roles is a major priority for many organizations today — and one that we see regularly with many Cambria clients.

And yet, perhaps the most important question at the core of the challenge is this: How do you build a deep bench of globally savvy leaders when the pool for leadership everywhere is so thin?

In fact, according to the 8th annual Talent Shortage Survey from the ManpowerGroup, employers worldwide say that chronic lack of skilled talent is negatively impacting business performance. What’s more, executive and management positions are cited among the list of the top ten positions that are most difficult to fill.

If you are on the front lines around this issue, you know that organizations either recruit and retain enough global leadership talent to meet their needs — which is a tall order — or they develop an internal cadre of leaders with the global mindset and experience necessary for success in global roles. Of course, many organizations do both just to keep pace with demand across their global operations.

There is good news though, according to my colleague Lori Brewer Collins. Leaders can develop what she calls a “globally adaptive mindset” that enables them to navigate across cultures, economies, political and geographic realities, the forces driving rapid, systemic change in global business today.

Lori has more than two decades experience in more than 20 countries in leadership and executive coaching. She has developed a new strategic framework for developing globally adaptive leaders — which Cambria has just announced and which Lori will unveil at the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) in Honolulu on May 15.

Please look for more from us on this topic soon — and download our complimentary white paper Beyond Borders: Developing Globally Adaptive Leaders.

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