Fortune Magazine Prints Cambria Commentary

Cambria’s president, George Klemp, was quoted in the November 7th issue of Fortune magazine. George provides commentary on the article “Collins on Chaos,” published in the October 17th issue of Fortune.

In “Collins on Chaos” (Oct. 17), it struck me that the theme of “relentlessness” pervaded the descriptions of the “Steady Seven” companies and their leadership. The CEOs profiled could be called “benevolent dictators” in their dedication to what they saw as the right long-term approach, reinforced with real consequences. It is true that many of the practices of successful companies that Jim Collins cites can be learned, but they can be demonstrated only by CEOs who have no doubt about their identity as leaders, a single-mindedness about the few most important things that define success, and the force of will to see things through over the long term despite uncertainty, chaos, luck, and other forces beyond anyone’s control.

George Klemp
Partner, Cambria Consulting

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