Success Stories

Leadership Agility® 360

C-Level Coaching Support

A Cambria coach was working with two executives at the same time: The chief operating officer of a pharmaceutical company and the chief financial officer of a chemical company. After working with these executives for 18 months, the coach believed that a good way to conclude the coaching engagements was to help his clients see themselves in the context of the “adult” phase of personal development. Since both clients had already formulated development goals and received promotions during this 18-month period, the coach wanted each of them to achieve some additional short-term goals by getting to a higher stage in their development as leaders.

The coach recommended the Leadership Agility® 360 as the ideal instrument for this purpose. Although each executive had already participated in a typical competency-based 360-degree feedback exercise, the coach wanted each of his clients to focus on two things: “How do I see my job calling me to perform?” and “How do my people see me in relation to what my job calls for?” The Leadership Agility® 360 Development Planner, included with the assessment, helped them see their strengths and focus on how they could be more effective in leading change, building teams, and engaging in pivotal conversations — the three “action arenas” of the assessment. Both executives found it very helpful, connected with the language in the feedback, and liked their results.

Merger of Two Companies

A construction company with revenues of $3 billion was in the process of acquiring a privately held business in the same industry. Besides wanting to ensure a smooth transition to becoming a new company, they needed to make sure that the new leadership team was well integrated and aligned with a shared vision and strategy. This was a huge change management effort — internally, in bringing these two companies together, and externally, with customers and partners who needed to be brought onboard very quickly.

The acquisition team of the acquiring company put together a formal one-year integration plan, using every feature of the Leadership Agility® framework and the Leadership Agility® 360 instrument. The language of the Leadership Agility® 360, centered on leading organizational change, building teams, and engaging in pivotal conversations, helped blend these two executive teams in terms of vision as well as the branding of the new company. A leadership summit focusing on the change management that attended these two organizations coming together was also facilitated by the framework described in the Leadership Agility® research. Looking back, the new combined leadership team recognized the need to move beyond the “expert achiever” leadership level to mastering the skills needed to be “catalysts” for change.