Success Stories

Selecting for Success™

Support Services Company

An administrative support services company with offices throughout the mid-Atlantic wanted to grow its business, which required it to hire great people to fill key roles. For companies like this one, with fewer than 200 employees, every hiring decision had to be right, whereas much larger companies can survive the occasional hiring mistake. The company wanted a practical, straightforward, and targeted approach for managers who had never learned how to conduct rigorous, systematic hiring. And more than teaching them interview skills and how to make hiring decisions, they needed to make sure that each new hire was aligned with what the company wanted to do as part of its growth strategy.

Hiring managers from all locations participated in the one-day Selecting for Success program, which covered how to profile the requirements of each job and the interviewing skills and tools needed to evaluate candidates. Tools included a built-in competency glossary with interview questions and an assessment guide to evidence — pro and con — related to the most important competencies for each job.

The training was seen to be “extremely valuable … we can see the difference [compared to the] interviewing results from our previous methods.” Of the positions filled using the new method, turnover after 18 months was only 7%, compared with an average of 31% for prior years. This company sees its needs for solid recruiting in the future to be of utmost importance — Selecting for Success will be the way for them to hire the right candidates.