Success Stories

Talent Review

Retail Bank

A global bank wanted to roll out a talent review and succession management application for its top 3,000 executives. It needed to combine a review of data in PeopleSoft, centralize a variety of other existing performance data, and incorporate new performance assessments.

Cambria delivered a solution that avoided the complexity and configuration issues of off-the-shelf solutions while allowing for the complex administrative security required. We provided a simple talent review form that incorporated read-only and editable data from different data sources, as well as management assessments with customizations for different organizational levels. Users experienced this as a simple to-do list with access to a talent profile, and HR staff members were provided with administrative access to the records of employees in their business units without exposing this complexity to the users of the system.

The new talent review process not only leveraged the use of employee profiles in the system, it also ultimately incorporated a promotion process for the firm’s most senior employees.

Petrochemicals Manufacturing

A joint venture petrochemicals company needed to overhaul its talent review process to give it a much clearer view of emerging talent for its top two management levels. The process in place was unable to differentiate people based on performance or skill, and was built on a mix of behaviors and traits without a clear link to individual performance or business requirements. Consequently, people were admitted to the talent review pool largely through subjective judgments and generally received the same high evaluations.

Building on the company’s succession planning documents, Cambria developed a process that identified categories of business results separate from the knowledge, skills, personal characteristics and behaviors related to achieving those results. These factors became the talent review criteria incorporated into a training curriculum, including associated forms, rating procedures, performance metrics, evaluation tools, and other materials needed for successive evaluation rounds. We also helped determine criteria for entering the talent pool and how to evaluate people on their technical/business knowledge, relevant work experiences, personal abilities and characteristics, and leader behavior.

The launch of the new process, was highly successful. It produced a much clearer view of the quality and quantity of talent for different roles and provided specific descriptions of how to develop individuals based on their performance and potential.