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360 Feedback Process

Designing a Solution for Maximum Impact


Effective 360 feedback is not just a report, or a technology solution. It’s a process that starts with the organization’s strategy and challenges and ends with the development of employees in ways that advance that strategy.

360 Feedback Process

Cambria is here to support you wherever you need it, in every step of the 360 review process. We can provide just the technology component, or partner with you to design and rollout the entire process, or anywhere in-between.

Program Design

The success of a 360 feedback program depends on having a clear purpose and defined outcomes, reinforced by communications to all stakeholders, including participants, managers and feedback providers. The leadership of an organization needs to decide on how to distribute reports and support the debrief, including assistance provided to coaches or managers, how participants will identify and track progress against development goals, and accountability for behavior change. We can provide assistance where needed through this design process through the following:

Design Review

We walk you through the program design and review process steps and materials to ensure an effective and consistent experience for everyone involved.

Orientation Design

We can design the participant orientation process and accompanying materials to ensure participants understand expectations and the value they will receive and can communicate effectively with their feedback providers.

Debrief Design

We can design the feedback debrief process, whether that be group sessions, or individual debriefs with a coach or manager. We can develop materials to support 360 report review and identification of development areas. We also provide train-the-trainer coaching for HR and managers responsible for running individual or group debrief sessions.

360 Feedback Assessment Design

360 assessments are more than just 360 evaluations. They communicate the organization’s values, and what the organization believes are the critical capabilities for a role. Assessments need to clearly communicate what is important and what excellence looks like and provide objective observable measures that a feedback provider can assess.

If you have your assessments designed already, we can implement them as-is. If not, we provide the following services to help design and implement your 360 assessment:

Content Review

If you already have a competency model or other assessment questions, we can review content to ensure it is appropriate for the 360 assessment. Behaviors are not always written initially with assessment in mind and often require editing. Behaviors need to be clear, observable, and be able to be rated by the target audience.

Competency Development

We can help you identify the critical competencies and behaviors required for exceptional performance in the roles targeted for your 360 feedback process. For more, see Competency Modeling

360 Feedback Administration

Administering a 360 feedback process can be complex, managing changes in participation, feedback providers, ensuring participation, and answering questions about the process and how it connects to employees’ daily work. We simplify this process by providing clear, easy to use technology, and backing it up with fast, expert support services so you can focus on your organization’s development goals, not the administrative process.

We can provide online 360 assessment as a completely self-service solution, managed by your HR staff. You can register participants, set automatic reminders, track status, modify feedback selections and generate reports all from your 360 review portal.

360 Review Process Management

Alternatively, we can take on this management for you, registering and managing the participants, tracking completion status and collaborating with you to determine when additional messaging may be required, and to whom, and when to end the process and generate reports.

Aggregate Reporting

Excelerated® 360 includes an online reporting portal where you can access aggregate data on your 360 feedback in table and chart format. It provides breakouts by competency, behavior, feedback provider categories, and cohorts. You can view existing reports, modify and create your own, and download data in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel.

Our consultants can also assist you in analyzing your data, determining implications for your other talent management processes, and planning follow-on communications and changes required to address talent gaps and issues.

360 Feedback Delivery

For the 360 feedback process to be effective, participants may need assistance to be receptive to feedback and to draw out critical themes they can use to positively impact their development. This may be in the form of supporting materials or training, workshops or debrief sessions, or one-on-one coaching. We can assist in this process through the following:

Debrief Workshops

If you are providing group feedback debrief sessions, we can work with your team to design the structure and content of the debrief sessions. We can also deliver these sessions, or get you started with a train-the-trainer session to transfer this capability to your organization.

Debrief Coaching

We can provide debrief coaching for 360 feedback participants one-on-one or as part of a debrief workshop.

Our internal coaching curriculum, including 360 Debrief Coaching, can also help you develop the capability to do debrief coaching within your HR team and your organization. For more, see Inside Edge® Internal Coaching.

Ongoing Development

360 feedback is only useful if it results in concrete actions. This will only happen if the organization holds participants accountable for development, and in return supports them by providing the necessary tools and resources.

Development Plans

If you do not already have a process and tools for development planning, our Excelerated® software provides an easy to use development planner that seamlessly follows on from the 360 assessment process, and includes goals, activities, and collaboration features to enable employees to work with a coach or manager to develop and track progress. Read more.

Resource Guides

We can review your existing training and available resources, help you identify the most relevant 360 feedback process, and supplement it with additional books, articles, videos, development and coaching suggestions linked to the competencies, skills and knowledge required in specific roles. All this can be implemented online as part of our suite of integrated leadership development tools. Read more.


One of the most important sources of information available to the executive coach is 360 feedback based on your organization’s most important leadership competencies. It provides valuable information about the leader’s strengths and weaknesses that lead to more productive development discussions. Cambria offers a range of executive coaching services that help leaders achieve higher levels of performance and positive impact, transition into new assignments, and create development plans to achieve their long-term career aspirations. Read more.