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Custom 360 Feedback

360-degree feedback instruments built to your specifications

About Excelerated® Enterprise 360

Many organizations already have their own competencies or success factors that align more closely with their business strategy than those found in standardized 360 assessments. Others are in the process of developing 360-degree feedback programs and are looking for a solution that gives them the flexibility of customization not available from a standardized 360 assessment software. For these situations, Cambria offers Excelerated® Enterprise 360, a scalable cloud-based 360 feedback platform offering fully customized 360 assessments with unsurpassed accuracy and ease of use.

How It Works

Designed and branded to our clients’ specifications, our custom 360 assessments feature quantitative assessment along with qualitative feedback, intuitive, customized reporting, and global availability — in any language. It also includes our comparative rating process for managers, allowing them to rate multiple direct reports all at once, saving time and increasing rating accuracy. In addition, we do this with the highest standards of data privacy and internet security. Learn more.

Benefits and Value

Excelerated® Enterprise 360 streamlines the entire assessment process for feedback providers and recipients without sacrificing the precision or meaningfulness of the feedback, and removes the administrative hassles associated with other 360 degree feedback software. Our competency assessment experts are also on hand to adapt, refresh, or create new content to reflect today’s requirements.

Addressing Your Key Challenges

You want to make 360 feedback a part of your employee development initiatives. You have looked at other 360-degree feedback providers and have found them inflexible or have just not delivered the desired results from 360-degree feedback in the past. You also know that up-front preparation and communication, effective report debriefing, and development follow-through are important to achieving your goals. In short, you need a partner that can provide all these services, not just the 360 tool.

How Cambria Helps

We offer advice on 360 content

Cambria is a full-service provider, not just a technology company with 360 assessment software. If you already have your own competencies or success factors, we can help you adapt them for the greatest impact when used in a 360 assessment. If you need a more robust assessment, we can draw on our extensive database of validated survey items to make feedback more comprehensive.

We understand employee development

As a talent development company, we employ best practices for how people use feedback for development and have designed our reports to make them easily interpretable and actionable. We also offer 360 debrief training for internal HR professionals and coaches.

We include your branding and messaging

All our custom 360 assessments can be branded to your corporate standards (logos, colors, formats), including a branded custom portal that employees and their feedback providers can log into, take their assessments, and receive their feedback reports the way you want them to.

Available 24/7 worldwide

Assessments can be administered globally in any language, including all European languages as well as character-based languages (e.g., Arabic, Chinese, Japanese). We offer translation services for our assessments, feedback reports, and supporting materials.

We offer hands-on personal support

Our professional services team will walk you through the entire process, configure your system, and collaborate with you on communications, rollout, and feedback delivery to ensure your program is a success. We can either turn over all administration to you, or we can do it for you.

Learn more about our 360 Feedback Process.

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