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Custom 360 Instruments

360-degree feedback instruments customized to your specifications.

About Cambria’s Custom 360 Assessments

Many of Cambria’s clients have developed their own leadership competencies or success factors that align more closely with their business strategy than standardized 360 assessments. For these situations, Cambria offers Excelerated® Enterprise 360, a scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform offering fully customized assessments with unsurpassed accuracy and ease of use.

How It Works

Designed and branded to our clients’ specifications, Cambria’s custom 360 assessments feature quantitative assessment along with qualitative feedback, intuitive, customized reporting, and global availability — in practically any language. It also includes our comparative rating process for managers, allowing them to rate multiple direct reports all at the same time, saving time and increasing rating accuracy. In addition, we do all this with the highest standards of data privacy and internet security. New assessments can be implemented start to finish in only six weeks.

Benefits and Value

Excelerated® 360 streamlines the entire assessment process for feedback providers and recipients without sacrificing the precision or meaningfulness of the feedback, and removes the administrative hassles associated with other 360 assessment systems. Its unique comparative rating process allows feedback providers to rate multiple individuals all at the same time. Our competency assessment experts are also on hand to adapt, refresh, or create new content to reflect today’s requirements.