Cambria Launches Accelerated Leadership Development

(Boston, MA 10/28/2020)–The leading talent strategy and development firm – Cambria Consulting – is out with a new service geared to helping organizations rapidly build a deeper bench of leaders prepared to meet the unique challenges of today’s business environment. The service – Accelerated Leadership Development – combines Cambria’s expertise in competency research and assessment with the firm’s world-class executive coaching practice in a seamless, fully integrated approach to developing leaders.

“Accelerated Leadership Development is aimed at supercharging how organizations prepare high-potential talent for key leadership roles,” said George Klemp, a founding partner of Cambria. “There is more urgency today – and for obvious reasons – around developing new leaders who are uniquely prepared to lead in an environment of high volatility, discontinuous change, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity,” added Klemp. “Our focus is on building leadership capacity quickly and effectively by seamlessly combining leadership assessment and executive coaching – all tied to business strategy and goals.”

Cambria’s Accelerated Leadership Development launches in a time of extraordinary disruption across the business spectrum fueled by the dual challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn.

“Nearly every business has been disrupted significantly – and the question is, beyond adapting, how do you accelerate and advance new leaders to meet the new challenges?” said Ellen Kumata, managing partner and founder of Cambria’s coaching practice. “This is about building new capabilities that you didn’t need in the past – and preparing people to step up their game quickly,” she added.

Accelerated Leadership Development begins with Cambria creating a new leadership assessment framework tied to business goals and strategy – and focused on the competencies, personal characteristics, and behaviors that are critical for success today and in the future. With assessment findings as a guide, executive coaches work with each leader to establish the development journey, with the goal of helping leaders deal with current and emerging business challenges successfully – not just capability-building.

“We view assessment as a driver of development, not merely as a means to identify strengths and gaps – which removes the judgmental aspects that most people attach to assessment,” said Klemp. “Given that, our transition from assessment to coaching is fully integrated and seamless – which is key to accelerating the development of new leaders.”

“The coach is part of the process from the start of the engagement, which is key because having someone who can ask the right questions helps open up new thinking – and unlocks people from the constraints of their own paradigms,” said Kumata. “It’s more critical than ever to be asking important questions, including: What does success look like? What are ways to get there? Are there ways you can help others get there? Being a catalyst for new thinking and acting is a hallmark of good coaching, and it is critically important now.”

Accelerated Leadership Development is built on over 35 years of advancing how leaders learn and is customized to meet each organization’s unique requirements. It arrives at a time when it’s more important than ever to have leaders ready and able to take on the challenges of today and the future.

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