Cambria Consulting Announces Selecting for Success eLearning — Designed to Efficiently Optimize Candidate Vetting and Hiring

(Boston, MA 10/29/2019) – The Boston-based talent strategy firm, Cambria Consulting, is launching a high-impact eLearning option to complement its popular Selecting for Success™ training for interviewing and hiring the best talent.

“We know companies are struggling to find time, opportunity and budget for in-person training,” said Jeff Peisach, principal at Cambria Consulting. “Selecting for Success equips hiring teams with the structure, knowledge, and tools that drive better hiring results – and does it super-efficiently and on demand,” Peisach said.

Selecting for Success eLearning builds skills in key areas of the hiring process, including — setting hiring criteria for candidate vetting and interviewing; how to transform hiring with the best practice for conducting behavioral interviews; how to avoid unconscious bias and diversity issues that can negatively impact hiring; and how to more regularly ‘get to yes’ with top candidates by consistently delivering the best candidate experience.

“We were looking to break from the same-same feel of most eLearning products and deliver a great multimedia experience that’s spirited, dynamic — and, yes, even fun,” said Peisach.

Selecting for Success eLearning is led by a high-energy host who walks anyone involved in assessing candidates through learning modules that frame the experience. It also features fully animated, dynamic content with video vignettes of good and bad interview techniques; interactive quizzes that drive home key messages; entertaining cartoon segments that ‘paint a picture’ for the learner; and a suite of downloadable tip sheets, tools, and articles.

“We also offer a customized video demo option for organizations that want to tailor some of the content to their specific needs,” said Peisach. “Cambria will work with them to produce custom video interviews with hypothetical job candidates that have the right skills, employment history, and experiences that resonate.”

More information about Selecting for Success eLearning is available here.

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