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A large US government agency wanted to implement executive coaching throughout the organization. However, each branch of the organization was doing its own thing without the benefit of an integrated approach. Working together with the HR points of contact in each branch, we realized that a more strategic view of coaching was needed to link coaching to critical business issues in the agency’s leadership world.

Among the significant changes, the HR contacts became coaching program managers who held quarterly meetings to ensure alignment with overall program objectives. We implemented four varieties of coaching – one limited in scope, individually focused, and determined by level of executive; accelerated development coaching incorporated into agency-wide training programs for middle managers and high-potentials; coaching support for a specialized training program for engineers; and on-boarding and transition coaching for newly-appointed executives. Cambria and the coaching program managers co-designed these programs to ensure adoption throughout the agency.

As a result, the agency has seen the transfer of learning into action due to the individual coaching within the training programs. There was also an increased desire for individual development that coaching provided and a significantly greater number of executives requested coaching to help them through the many transitions the agency has experienced over the years.

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