Global Investment Bank

The North American region of one of the world’s largest multi-national investment banks wanted to enhance the leadership abilities of a group of high-potential Directors by providing focused, individualized development. Cambria’s approach to addressing this challenge was to implement a strategic coaching initiative.

Cambria facilitated a working session that produced a detailed plan for using coaches to improve the leadership skills of these executives, as well as the necessary communication messages for implementing the initiative. Throughout this process, Cambria consulted to the firm’s North American coaching practice leader to establish a coordinated, centrally-managed coaching practice.

Coaches already working independently in the firm were brought together in support of this initiative. An orientation meeting provided them with the organizational context, the process framework for individual coaching engagements, and the supporting tools needed to implement them. Coaches were then matched to the more than 50 participating Directors, and the program was launched with coaching taking place over a six-month period. Many of the Directors were subsequently promoted to Managing Director roles, and the coaching effort increased the retention of those Directors who were not selected for promotion at that time.

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