Krisann Davis

Coaching works when it’s systematic and an integrated part of a larger leadership and talent development effort.

Krisann is a consultant and master coach with a depth of experience in helping organizations create strategic executive coaching practices tied to its talent development needs. She has particular expertise in talent management, internal coach development, organizational change, leadership development, and merger integration/culture change. As an executive coach, her refined coaching style revolves around clarity of communication, pragmatic thinking, and insight. She has a proven track record of accessing and leveraging leaders’ business and interpersonal skills to optimize their effectiveness and performance, relative to organizational strategy. Krisann has partnered with many C-suite and other senior executives across a broad range of industries, including financial services, chemicals, agriculture, insurance, and the federal government, among others.


Krisann’s experience prior to Cambria includes executive coaching, consulting, and facilitation in the areas of change management/accelerated growth, talent management, executive presence, diversity, and cross-functional and cross-cultural collaboration. She helped lead a nationally recognized, award-winning executive coaching practice for Wachovia Corporation (now Wells Fargo), which was twice named a Benchmarked Best Practice by Training magazine.

Education, Professional Activities

Krisann holds a BA in communication from the University of Kentucky and an MA in psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is a member of the OD Network, the International Coach Federation, and the International Enneagram Association. She has been a frequent conference presenter on the value and impact of self-development and self-awareness in executive coaching, leadership, and talent development.