Federal Agency

A large US government agency with thousands of employees and locations distributed across the country was one of the first federal agencies that saw the value of coaching in support of an initiative to align the agency’s regional branches. Cambria won the sole-source contract to provide this service as a coordinated approach to individualized leadership development rather than a discretionary and episodic service.

Cambria designed the coaching program in partnership with the agency’s internal HR and leadership development professionals who were certified as coaches. Using our extensive coach network, we sourced senior coaches who were co-located in each of their branches. We also managed the entire coaching process, including tracking each engagement with the agency’s executives, managers, and supervisors across the entire agency, evaluating progress, and measuring the impact on the functioning of the agency.

Coaching has remained an integral part of the agency’s leadership development to this day, resulting in a unified view of leadership development that nevertheless accommodates variations in the missions and focus of each of the agency’s operating centers. Subsequently, Cambria was engaged to design leadership development programs incorporating feedback and coaching to targeted employee segments.

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