Meeting the Global Leadership Challenge: George Klemp will Present Cambria’s Framework for Developing Globally Adaptive Leaders at Prestigious Executive Forum

(Boston, MA 10/12/2017) – What does it take to meet the challenges of developing leaders for success in global roles? That question is a critical priority today for companies focused on global growth and operating in highly volatile markets.

Cambria’s president and co-founder, George Klemp, will explore how best to develop globally adaptive leaders at the MSI 2017 Executive Forum, which runs from October 18-20 at the Ritz-Carleton Hotel in Lake Tahoe, California.

Klemp will present Cambria’s Global Adaptivity® framework for developing global leadership excellence, which is based on more than two decades studying globally adaptive leaders. The Cambria framework details five dimensions that are critical for success in a global or transnational setting.

“Global leadership competency is absolutely critical as more companies go global but run the risk of falling sort of talent that can succeed working across borders,” said Klemp. “Our framework helps organizations identify the right characteristics for highly adaptive leaders in a global setting – including how to assess for them,” Klemp added.

MSI is a global talent solutions company that helps organizations strategize and execute programs for acquiring, developing and mobilizing their key employees worldwide. The MSI Executive Forum is an annual event that draws many of the world’s top thought leaders to share new data and thinking around timely and important challenges.

Cambria Consulting is a talent strategy innovator tying talent development to business strategy since 1985. The firm specializes in individual and team development — including coaching, executive assessment, competency modeling, role profiling, succession planning, leadership development, and leadership team effectiveness.

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