Cambria Announces Selecting for Success™ — How to Hire the Best

(BOSTON – 5/6/2016) The Boston-based talent strategy firm, Cambria Consulting, has launched a new workshop of training and tools designed to help managers make superior hiring decisions.

“Selecting for Success helps organizations step up their game to consistently find and hire the best job candidates,” said Steve Neubert, partner, Cambria Consulting. “This is about going beyond standard interview skills training to optimize the entire recruiting lifecycle — from sourcing to selection to onboarding new employees,” said Neubert.

Selecting for Success is a one-day workshop designed for recruiters, HR staff, and hiring managers. It teaches how to provide the most important job requirements and hiring criteria for each position, as well as what questions to ask to determine if candidates will be successful as new employees.

Workshop highlights include intensive interview skills practice and coaching on Cambria’s evidence-based structured interviewing technique, Critical Behavior Interview™ (CBI). Selecting for Success also includes training in how to profile the requirements of a job and an extensive toolkit consisting of interview scripts, tip cards, and a library of the common skills and personal characteristics for most hiring situations.

“The war for talent has many organizations looking to give their people the right stuff for interviewing and evaluating candidates,” said Neubert. “Selecting for Success provides important grounding and tools for anyone in a hiring role, equipping them before they sit down to assess whether any candidates have what it takes to be successful in whatever position they’re looking to fill,” said Neubert.

Cambria Consulting is a 30-year innovator of solutions that accelerate talent development, succession planning, and coaching within organizations to help drive business results.

Learn more about Selecting for Success. Additional information about Cambria Consulting is at:

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