John Hendrickson

Owning one’s own development does not mean that organizations should abdicate responsibility for managing their talent.

John is a consultant and executive coach with significant experience designing and implementing talent management programs inside Fortune 500 companies. He has worked with Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, Hewlett Packard, Deutsche Bank, NASA and other prominent companies to accelerate leadership and functional role development inside their organizations. John is known for delivering results for the business and measurable professional development for employees. He is a quick study of the uniqueness of a given industry or culture and adapts best talent management practices to fit the situation and business challenge. He has executive coaching experience at the CEO, C-suite, and senior leadership levels and is a passionate believer in the potential of business professionals to accelerate their careers with practical yet inventive developmental strategies.


John has been at Cambria for over 25 years. Prior to joining, John was an internal human resources consultant at RCA and Shared Medical Systems (now Siemens). There he worked in both generalist and specialist roles including labor relations, recruiting, and training and development. Previously, John worked as a psychology and social studies teacher for Montgomery County Public Schools in Rockville, Maryland.

Education, Professional Activities

John holds a BA from the University of Maryland and an MS in public administration and human resource development from American University. He has presented at ASTD local and national conferences, Linkage conferences, and the IEEE Career Conference. John is also the author of articles in Training magazine, T+D Magazine, and The Personnel Administrator. His most recent article “Do You Have Leadership Solutions or Products?” appeared in the December 2010 issue of Chief Learning Officer.